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This github project is created by Gianluca Mancusi, Daniele Manicardi, Gianmarco Lusvardi – from the “Enzo Ferrari” Department of Engineering. Some useful Matrix Calculation tools optimized for each system.

This C library is designed to perform calculations on matrix. Here are some of the cool features:

  • Determinant of a square matrix (Laplace’s method)
  • Possibility to reduce a matrix in rowEchelonForm
  • In-situ matrix transposition (uses a lightweight auxiliary table to perform it on rectangular matrices)
  • Fast matrix row edits (matrices are stored by rows)
  • Matrix multiplication

We are pleased to receiving support!

//====== Useful functions =======

Calculates the determinant of any squared matrix of any dimension (NxN):

Reduce a matrix in row echelon form. For more information see Wikipedia

Transpose the input matrix (very fast):

Multiply two compatible matrices:

Creates a new matrix in the single pointer format:

Create a new empty matrix in the single pointer format:

Create a new “cloned from other” matrix in the single pointer format:

Clone a matrix:

This feature allows you to find the complementary minor given rows and columns:

Change an entire row:

Destroy and free memory of an allocated matrix:

Fast way to access an element of a matrix without thinking too much about it:


Print to File a matrix (to print on screen use “stdout” standard file):


Gianluca Mancusi

Hello visitor! I am an italian 21 year old guy who has a strong passion for computer science. To know more visit the "about me" page.

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