About me

On this page you’ll find more information about me.

Who I am?

My name is Gianluca I am 21 years old, I studied at a technical school, I am currently studying Computer Engineering at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Department of Engineering Enzo Ferrari. I carry my passion for computer science, I’m trying to make it elegant and functional. By listening, in few years of experience I have learned a lot and it’s exciting for me to be able to pass on my knowledge.

What I do?

Currently i’m developing applications, video games, different website types, from showcase websites to sophisticated funtional websites such as administration panels and user profiles manager. I develop desktop applications and Android apps. I also create databases with ER-Models, logical and physical model (Mysql, T-SQL or Oracle)

What do I use?

Visual Studio is the best friend for programmer who works in the Microsoft environment, I would often use to develop complete and customized websites through C# and ASP.NET. I can not afford to use VS to relocate within PHP, with its frameworks; for this I use SublimeText or VSCode, to create websites that can run on linux. I also use HTML, CSS3, JS, JQUERY and Ajax, Bootstrap and other useful libraries. For applications that require high performance I use C or C++. I also programmed for 1 year in Java, developing many applications in OOP.

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